Your doctor may have referred you here because of our special expertise in maternal conditions that can complicate pregnancy such as diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders such as lupus, multiple gestations (twins and triplets) or prior pregnancy complications such as preterm labor or cervical incompetence.

We also specialize in diagnosing and treating fetal conditions through the use of state-of-the-art ultrasonography, sono-guided invasive procedures, and advanced techniques for screening and evaluating fetal health and well being.

A large part of our practice is comprised of performing targeted Level 2 ultrasonography (the highest level) for the detection and management of a broad range of potential fetal birth defects. It is worth noting that the doctors in this region also refer non-high risk patients to this practice for these sonograms so that both you and your primary physician can know that you are getting the highest quality medical care available.

Should you or your baby have a high-risk condition, our physicians will consult with and co-manage your pregnancy along with your primary care obstetrician or family practice physician. West Texas Maternal Fetal physicians do not provide primary care or perform deliveries or cesarean sections.