Pregnancy evaluation & consultation

There are a number of health conditions or disorders that you can have prior to getting pregnant that can put a pregnancy at risk. We encourage women with known or suspected health problems or a family history of genetic diseases to get evaluation and counseling before becoming pregnant. As obstetricians who subspecialize in high-risk pregnancies, we know that many of the problems we see can be lessened or avoided with pre-pregnancy testing, counseling and appropriate therapies.

The most positive impact on a high-risk pregnancy is generally made when the risk is detected and addressed early in the pregnancy. Some problems are best addressed with medical interventions in the first five or six weeks of pregnancy. Any woman who knows or suspects she has the following conditions should be seen prior to becoming pregnant:

Thyroid disease, diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), autoimmune infections/diseases, family history of genetic disorders, thrombophillias/blood disorders, previous pregnancy loss.

Women who’ve had multiple previous miscarriages or stillbirths should also seek prepregnancy prenatal counseling and evaluation. There may be information about their risks and/or changes they can make to ensure a healthy pregnancy.