Genetic testing & counseling

WTMFM provides expertise in genetic counseling and in the use of genetic screening and testing techniques.  Genetic counseling is available with the Permian Basin’s only board certified, prenatal genetic counselor.  During genetic counseling, your referral indication(s) will be discussed in detail so that you have the best understanding of the circumstances surrounding your visit.  Common indications for genetic counseling include, advanced maternal age, abnormal test results, previous child/family history of birth defects and/or mental retardation, recurrent pregnancy loss and exposure to potentially harmful substances.  If your referral indication is due to testing performed in your doctor’s office, these results will be discussed in detail.  If your referral indication is due to a personal or family history of birth defects, mental retardation, multiple miscarriages or other inherited condition, medical records may need to be requested and reviewed and referrals to other specialists may be suggested.  Also, a complete family history will be obtained to make sure there is nothing else in your family history that may be of concern. 

If there are concerns found during your visit, such as an ultrasound abnormality, a discussion of the abnormality will occur and a plan will be made for further evaluation and testing.  Available tests include first trimester screening, non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPT) and amniocentesis.  Additionally, if there is an abnormal genetic condition found, resources are available to parents including referrals to tertiary care centers, counseling and support networks to assist in adjusting and preparing for a child with special needs and to promote informed planning and decision making.  All decisions concerning planning a pregnancy, prenatal screening and/or testing and pregnancy management when abnormalities are found are very personal.  Our goal is to provide clear, up-to-date information and support so that you are able to make the best decision for yourself and your family.  The primary goal of genetic counseling is to enable each patient to become an advocate for themselves, their family and their healthcare.